I have been actively volunteering since middle school. However, at that time there were only small and spontaneous events. When I became a student, I came to the “Breakthrough” Volunteer Centre at the Volgograd State University and joined major volunteer projects. I realised that I have many skills, I had the opportunity to bring my ideas to life, meet many good people, but the most important thing – I understood that volunteering is my cup of tea.

I could not explain what you can feel, what emotions you get back, when you help people. Yes, volunteering needs a lot of energy but at every event you get this energy back, you get a new impulse. And it’s so cool!

Anastasia Kulyagina (18 years old; Volgograd, Volgograd region, Second year student of Volgograd State University, major in International economy and Finances, the active member of the Volunteer Centre “Breakthrough”)