2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ – Ticket Transfer and Resale Policy

1.  General Principles

(i)         Sales are final: All match ticket (“Ticket”) sales for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ (the “Event”) by FIFA Ticketing AG or 2014 FIFA World Cup Venda de Ingressos Ltda.   (together with Fédération Internationale de Football Association jointly referred to as “FIFA”) are final. This means that in principle a person who applies for, and purchases a Ticket (“Ticket Purchaser”) or a person who holds a Ticket (“Ticket Holder”) may not transfer or resale a Ticket unless such transfer or resale is authorized under this FIFA Ticket and Transfer Resale Policy, which is also posted in www.FIFA.com (“Ticket Transfer/Resale Policy”).

Clause 4.1 of the 2014 FIFA World Cup General Terms and Conditions for the Use of Tickets (“GTCs”) stipulates that Ticket Purchasers and Tickets Holders:

MAY NOT SELL, OFFER FOR SALE, OFFER AT AUCTIONS, RESELL, DONATE, ACT AS COMMERCIAL AGENT FOR ANOTHER PARTY OR OTHERWISE TRANSFER THEIR TICKETS IN ANY WAY WITHOUT THE SPECIFIC PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT OF FIFA. FIFA will only give such consent in case a  Ticket Holder (i) wishes to transfer a Ticket to a privately invited guest or family member for free or for the price charged to the Ticket Holder by FIFA, (ii) is seriously ill or has died, or (iii) any other reasons which may be defined by FIFA in the Ticket Transfer and Resale Policy available on www.FIFA.com..


(ii)        Reasons: The purposes for the rule limiting Ticket transfers include event security, consumer protection and economic fairness. The rule aims to:

(a)   ensure that Tickets are sold to true fans of the Event, not those who are simply seeking to buy and resell tickets for their own commercial gain;

(b)   ensure that once sold, all Tickets to all matches are actually used by true fans;

(c)   maximize access to Tickets for true fans;

(d)   provide opportunities for consumers who, after successfully acquiring Tickets later realize that they (or their Guests as defined in Section 3  (iv) below) are unable to attend the event or single matches;

(e)   provide a safe, legitimate means for consumers to transact in a secondary market for tickets without being subject to the misleading practices of those who engage in unauthorized re-sales and undermine the law and policies established by FIFA; and

(f)    facilitate security plans and policies for the Event.

FIFA’s consent and authorization for Ticket transfers and re-sales are subject to the rules identified below.   


2.  Eligibility for Transfer or Resale

(i)            General Public and Participating Member Association (“PMA”) Supporter Tickets: Tickets Purchasers, being members of the general public who purchased Tickets via the FIFA Ticketing Centre (“FTC”) online via www.FIFA.com, at a FIFA Venue Ticketing Centre or through mail order sales processes) are eligible to a transfer or resale under this Ticket Transfer and Resale Policy. Guests of Ticket Purchasers are not eligible to submit Tickets through this Ticket Transfer and Resale Policy, and must liaise with their host, the Ticket Purchaser.

(ii)           Group Sales: Tickets obtained though:  

(a)   Event sponsors;

(b)   Member Associations;

(c)   the Local Organising Committee;

(d)   Match Hospitality, directly, via an official MATCH Hospitality agent acting on behalf of MATCH Hospitality or by MATCH Hospitality clients; or

(e)   any other group sale customer

are NOT eligible to a transfer or resale under this Ticket Transfer and Resale Policy. Those holding such Tickets should contact the individual or entity from which they received the Ticket.

(iii)          Unauthorised Sales Channels: Tickets obtained from an unauthorized sales channel are NOT eligible to a transfer or resale under this Ticket Transfer and Resale Policy. Any such Tickets are held in violation of the GTCs and will be automatically rendered void and invalid, and access to the stadium may be denied or revoked.

(iv)          Cooling-Off: Cancellations by Ticket Purchasers resident in Brazil pursuant to article 49 of Law No. 8,078 of September 11th, 1990 (the Consumer Protection Code), in line with clause 7.3 of the Ticketing Sales Regulations for Brazil are not considered “Ticket transfers”.


3.  Ticket Transfers

(i)            Principle: FIFA recognises that Ticket Purchasers and guests’ circumstances may change over time. The Guest Ticket Transfer programme is intended to provide easy to use, accessible systems to facilitate Guest Ticket Transfers by the Ticket Purchaser, and to collect accurate data regarding Guests. Ticket Purchasers should not transfer Tickets for commercial purposes or to individuals with whom there is no pre-existing relationship.

(ii)           Definition: A “Guest Ticket Transfer” is the transfer of a Ticket allocated by the Ticket Purchaser from one of his/her original Guests (whose details are held by the FTC pursuant to the original ticket application of the Ticket Purchaser) to another individual Guest nominated by the Ticket Purchaser subsequent to the receipt of a Ticket Confirmation issued by FIFA. Any such Guest must have a pre-existing relationship with the Ticket Purchaser as contemplated in item (iv) below.

Ticket Purchasers may not transfer the Ticket allocated to himself/herself or all Tickets allocated. If the Ticket Purchaser is unable to use a Ticket, he may submit all of his/her Tickets to FIFA for resale.

As indicated above, Guests who are holding Tickets cannot request a transfer of the Ticket they hold. Only the Ticket Purchaser can make transfer requests to change to the composition of his Guests.

(iii)          Time Window: Guest Ticket Transfers may be made from 15 April, 2014, 12:00 CET until the end of the day (24:00 CET) 3 full days prior to the start of the relevant match.

(iv)          Guest Eligibility: Tickets may only be transferred to bona fide “Guests” of the Ticket Purchaser, namely, relatives, close friends, colleagues and/or the companions of individuals in wheelchairs or other disabilities. Note that the Ticket Purchaser has legal responsibility for his Guests as identified in the Ticket Sales Regulations and the GTCs.

(v)           Reasons: In order to avoid abuse of the Ticket Transfer programme, especially by individuals seeking to commercially re-sell tickets with a profit to the detriment of the new Ticket Purchaser, FIFA only gives consent to Ticket Transfer in the following cases:

(a)   a Ticket Purchaser wishes to transfer a Ticket from a named Guest to a family member;

(b)   a nominated Guest is ill, unable to obtain a valid visa to travel to Brazil, is prohibited from travelling from his point of origin or dies or a close relative of the nominated Guest dies;

(c)   there is an event of force majeure; or

(d)   due to a change in personal circumstances.

A Ticket Purchaser may be requested by the FTC to provide documents to establish the grounds for the valid reason. FIFA retains the right to refuse a transfer if the supporting documents are not supplied.

(vi)          Fees: There are no fees applicable to Guest Transfers.

(vii)         Process: The Ticket Purchaser must submit a transfer request online within their ticketing account of www.FIFA.com or at a FIFA Venue Ticketing Centre within Brazil.

(viii)       VSTs/TSTs: Ticket Purchasers who have purchased Venue Series Tickets (“VSTs”) or Team Specific Ticket Series (“TSTs”) may only submit the entire VSTs or TSTs series for a Ticket transfer (and not any parts thereof).  For Ticket Purchasers who wish to bring different Guests to different matches, individual match Tickets may be applied for, and do allow for different Guests for different matches.

(ix)          Concession Tickets (Brazilian residents only): If a Ticket Purchaser wants to transfer a concession Ticket identified for a Guest, he/she may do so, but only in the following manner:

(a)   may only be transferred to persons eligible for same concession type

(b)   Tickets are not available for transfer to full price Guests.

In such cases, FIFA may request the submission of documents to provide proof of eligibility of the Guest.

Tickets for which a Ticket Purchaser paid the full Face Price can be transferred in accordance with the rules set out here, but there will be no refund for Guests qualifying for a concession as eligibility must be established at the time of purchase.

4.  Ticket Resales

(i)            Principle: If a Ticket Purchaser cannot use all of the Tickets that he has purchased, he may submit these Tickets to FIFA for resale to another fan. There is no guarantee that a Ticket returned to FIFA for resale will actually be resold. A Ticket will made available for resale once all tickets in the same category for the same Match have been sold by FIFA. In case Tickets in the same category for the same Match become available after a Tickets has been made available for resale (but has not been sold), such resale Tickets shall remain available on the platform. A Ticket returned to FIFA for re-sale is considered “re-sold” if the specific seat originally allocated to the customer is sold to a new customer.  If a Ticket is resold, such transaction will allow the Ticket to be legitimately acquired by a new Ticket Purchaser for the official price, and resale proceeds will be provided to the original Ticket Purchaser (less a fee as defined in Clause 4 (x) below). If the Ticket Purchaser’s Tickets are not resold, no resale proceeds will be returned to the Ticket Purchaser.

(ii)           Definition: A “Ticket Resale” is a transaction pursuant to which a Ticket is submitted to the FTC by the Ticket Purchaser by way of a ticket resale request for potential resale to a third person not nominated by the Ticket Purchaser and is sold to such new customer.

(iii)          Time Window for Ticket Resale Request: Ticket Resale requests may be submitted to FIFA from 15 April, 2014, 12:00h CET until the end of the day (24:00) CET 3 full days prior to the start of the relevant match.

(iv)          Timing for Resale Transaction: No re-sales will be made by the FTC until the original inventory of Tickets allocated for the general public in a particular category for a specific Match have been sold-out once. Tickets submitted for resale will be placed in an inventory pool of available Tickets. Tickets will be resold based on actual demand by match and Ticket category. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT TICKETS WILL BE RESOLD.  Tickets submitted for resale may be made available for resale to all constituent groups through all sales channels.

(v)           Process: The Ticket Purchaser must submit a resale request as follows:

(a)   Online for Tickets that Have Not Been Printed: For Tickets which have not yet been printed or dispatched for delivery, the Ticket Purchaser may submit a request online within the Ticket Purchaser’s ticketing account accessed through FIFA.com.

(b)   Over-the-Counter for Tickets that Have Not Been Printed: For Tickets which have not yet been printed or dispatched for delivery, the Ticket Purchaser may submit a request at one of the FIFA Venue Ticketing Centers Help Desks.

(c)   Only Over-the-Counter for Tickets that Have Been Printed: For Tickets which have already been printed and either collected by the Ticket Purchaser or are in transit for delivery or have been delivered, the Ticket Purchaser must go to a FIFA Venue Ticketing Centre Help Desk, surrender the physical Ticket to the FIFA Ticketing Centre Help Desk staff, and complete the Ticket Resale request form developed for such purpose, or to send their Tickets via courier back to the FTC offices in either Rio de Janeiro, Brazil or Manchester, United Kingdom to the addresses available at www.FIFA.com. In such case:

·         Tickets must be received by the FTC at least 7 days prior to the match;

·         All costs in relation to the return of the Tickets by courier are to be borne by the Ticket Purchaser;

·         Ticket Purchaser will be solely liable for any undelivered or lost Tickets;

·         Ticket Purchaser to complete any documents as required.

(d)   FIFA Venue Ticketing Centre staff will follow enhanced security protocols to deal with the returned Ticket.

As part of the resale request process, the Ticket Purchaser must also provide a means for receipt of the resale proceeds (i.e. payment card details).

(vi)          VSTs/TSTs: Ticket Purchasers who have purchased VSTs and TSTs, but whose Guests cannot attend any or all of the matches, may submit one or more Tickets of their Guests’ VSTs and TSTs series of tickets for resale subject to the requirements reflected in this policy.

(vii)         Conditional TSTs purchased through a PMA Ticketing website at FIFA.com: PMA Supporters/Ticket purchasers who have purchased a Conditional Team Specific Ticket for a PMA that has not yet qualified to a particular match, will be allowed to submit one or more Tickets for resale subject to the requirements reflected in this policy.

The tickets will be kept on hold waiting for the outcome of their PMA’s progress through the Event. If the PMA does not qualify to play the match for which the PMA Supporter has submitted their ticket for resale, they will be refunded according to the Ticket Sales Regulations for PMA Supporters.

PMA Supporters can submit one or more Tickets of their nominated Guests. Should the Ticket Purchaser wish to submit his own tickets, these will have to be submitted in conjunction with those assigned to his nominated Guests through his ticket Application for that particular match.     

(viii)       Refund: In case a Ticket has been successfully re-sold, the Ticket Purchaser will receive a refund based on the Face value price paid for the Ticket by the Ticket Purchaser (regardless of the price for which the Ticket was re-sold), i.e.:

(a)   if the Ticket was purchased at full price but resold as a concession, the original Ticket customer receives refund based on the full price, (i.e. reduced by a  Resale Handling Fee (described below) of 10% of the full price paid by the original Ticket Purchaser)

(b)   if a ticket was purchased as concession ticket but resold at full price, the original Ticket customer receives refund based on half price) (i.e. reduced by a Refund Handling Fee of 10%) of the concession price paid by the original Ticket Purchaser.

(ix)          Refund Process: If the Tickets are resold, the FTC will issue resale proceeds to the Ticket Purchaser no later than thirty (30) days following:

(a)   last Ticket put on resale was sold; or

(b)   the last match being the subject of the Ticket resale request, whichever comes last.

Proceeds will be provided to the Ticket Purchaser by way of a credit to the Ticket Purchaser’s payment card or, if the Ticket Purchaser paid for Tickets via bank transfer, resale proceeds can be made by bank transfer to the same account, provided the Ticket Purchaser reconfirms the bank account details.  If the Ticket Purchaser paid for Tickets using a boleto, then they will receive payment via payment order in the name of the Ticket Purchaser and to be collected from any ITAU bank branch.

THE TICKET PURCHASER MUST BE AWARE AND SHALL ALLOW FOR BANK AND PAYMENT CARD COMPANY PROCESSING TIMES. The FTC is not responsible for delays caused by time taken via banks, credit card processing companies, or third parties involved in the transaction process.   

The Ticket Purchaser is responsible for checking on the status of this resale request, by accessing his Ticketing Account menu item or contacting the FTC call centre.  The Ticket Purchaser is also responsible for making sure that he has provided the FTC with an effective method of providing payment of the resale proceeds, and should check with the FTC if the status of the request indicates that the Tickets have been resold, but no resale proceeds have been received within the time period identified, to make sure that there was not a problem with the payment method provided by the Ticket Purchaser.

The resale proceeds will be provided in US dollars or Reais depending on the currency used in the original transaction as applicable, PMA Supporters who may have purchased in their local currency will be refunded in USD only.  Once resale proceeds are credited to the Ticket Purchaser’s payment card or bank account or are otherwise paid, the conversion rates applicable for conversion into other currencies are dependent on the banks or payment card companies involved. If resale proceeds have to be provided by bank transfer, the amount will be reduced by the cost of the bank transfer fees. Currency fluctuations may further reduce the amount of the resale proceeds.

The name of the individual Ticket Purchaser must be the same as the name of the individual on the payment card being provided with the credit, or the bank account to which the resale proceeds are being transferred.

(x)           Resale Handling Fee: An administration fee of 10% of the price printed on the Face of a Ticket (Face Price), or the concessionary price paid by the Ticket Purchaser, if applicable, rounded up to the nearest dollar or real (as applicable to the transaction) for each Ticket identified in the Ticket Resale Request that is actually resold, will be deducted from the amount paid to the Ticket Purchaser (the “Resale Handling Fee”). Therefore, if the Tickets are resold, the original Ticket Purchaser will be entitled to resale proceeds equal to the amount he paid, less the Resale Handling Fee and less any bank changes if the Ticket Purchase requests payment by a method for which banking fees are imposed and any currency conversion differences (if applicable). The new Ticket Purchaser will pay the official price applicable to the sale of Tickets at the time of sale (whether full price or concessionary price) as defined in the official price list issued by FIFA for such type of Tickets.

The original Ticket Purchaser will NOT receive back any fees:

(a)   that he may have paid when originally purchasing the Ticket, such as the TST Fee; or

(b)   in relation to delivery of tickets, if delivery was requested by the Ticket Purchaser and delivery was not cancelled in accordance with the Delivery Terms of Service

(xi)          Changing Resale Status: A Ticket Purchaser can change his/ her mind, and take his/ her Tickets out of the resale programme at any time, as long as the Tickets have not yet been resold, by selecting the option on his Ticketing Account online or by returning to a FIFA Venue Ticketing Centre at any time prior to the Ticket being resold.

(xii)         Unsuccessful Resale: If the Tickets have not been resold by the day of the Match, the Tickets will be available for the Ticket Purchaser to pick up at the FIFA Venue Ticketing Centres. Customers are recommended to collect their Tickets as far in advance as possible.

(xiii)       No cancellation: Once a Ticket is communicated as resold, the re-sale is treated as final regardless of whether or not the new Customer cancels a purchase.