Football has become a vital instrument for hundreds of social development programmes run by private and community-based organisation around the world. These programmes are providing children and young people with valuable tools that make a difference to their lives, while contributing to positive social change on a global scale by addressing the most pressing issues in each community.

To contribute to building a better future in the Host Cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™, FIFA and the 2014 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee (LOC) will promote the use of football as a tool for social change through FIFA’s well established global Football for Hope initiative. Activities carried out in Brazil will include programme support, capacity development, exchanges, a forum and a festival.

Football for Hope Programme Support
Once a year, eligible organisations can apply for funding from the Football for Hope intiative to support one of their programmes. If successful, the programme becomes part of a growing community of grassroots organisations that use football as a tool for social development.

FIFA and the LOC will roll-out a special programme support for community-based organisations based in the Host Cities for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil in an effort to increase the positive effects of hosting the competition.

Football for Hope Forum 2013
The Football for Hope Forum is a unique opportunity to interact and exchange experiences with the world’s leading professionals in the field of Development through Football – from grassroots organisations working at the community level to sports' governing bodies, global corporations and development institutions. The aim of this forum is to find solutions to challenges, develop innovations and promote the use of football for social development globally.

The Football for Hope Forum 2013 will take place in Belo Horizonte, Brazil from 26 to 29 June 2013 and will be organised by FIFA, the LOC and the Host City of Belo Horizonte.

Football for Hope Festival 2014
The Football for Hope Festival 2014 will take place during the last two weeks of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. 32 teams of young leaders - boys and girls - from grassroots organisations around the world will come to Rio de Janeiro to celebrate their achievements and demonstrate the power of the game for social change on and off the pitch.