“Stay strong, champion. You are a great hero for Brazil. Strength and honour always, and get well soon my friend.”

“Stay strong, dear @Neymarjr, we’re praying for your speedy recovery.”

“My brother @neymarjr, me, [my son] Luca, my family and a lot of people in this world are praying and hoping for your fast recovery!

“My friend, receive my tender kisses and prayers! I write to you with a broken heart! ”

“All the best, brother. I’m with you! Stay strong! ”

My support is for you on and off the pitch. God is beside you and everything will be alright! Stay strong …

"Our golden boy @neymarjr. We are with you! Always!!! May God protect you and may you recover..."

"Brother, if previously you had a team playing for you, now you have an entire country playing for you. #ForcaNeymar"