Over one million Club members set up their fantasy teams for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and launched their campaigns to try and be crowned champion of McDonald’s FIFA World Cup Fantasy! Just like the actual FIFA World Cup, ultimately there could only be one champion!

For the Brazil 2014 edition of McDonald’s FIFA World Cup Fantasy that champion is Frip69 from the USA. Scoring 893 points over the 7 rounds, Frip69 has claimed the Fantasy manager crown for Brazil 2014 along with a massive Grand Prize! For his efforts, the fantasy winner will receive a brand new Kia Soul!  

Frip69’s road to glory
A 4-4-2 served him well for the opening five rounds, but Frip69 switched to a 5-3-2 for the final two rounds of McDonald’s Fantasy. The switch was an inspired one as the knockout matches became tighter contests with more clean sheet performances, and thus higher points returns, from defenders. For individual talents, Frip69 hit the jackpot in Round 5 when his captain of choice Mats Hummels (Germany) returned some 42 points for his goal scoring performance against France in the quarterfinal at the Maracana. Ironically, Frip69’s lowest return of the seven rounds came in the final round, but the American had done enough over the tournament to edge him past his challengers at the very end.

Overall winners
Congratulations to the following winners for your impressive efforts throughout the course of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Want to see what our various winners will receive? View the full prizes page for McDonald’s FIFA World Cup Fantasy.

Grand Prize winner: Frip69
2nd place: CONDEY
3rd place: JimmyRussell
4th place: Leisurelauri
5th place: 'HseyirP'
6th place: kingdot
7th place: Lub_Uzasa
8th place: tiago10win
9th place: Jebus.Saves
10th place: Buzissa

Round winners
Each round of McDonald’s FIFA World Cup Fantasy offered up prizes for the top three performing managers for the round. It took skill, risk and a little luck for these fantasy managers. Congratulations to the round prize winners.

Round 1
winner: Alexandria17
2nd place: AngellMoyano
3rd place: dobletaco

Round 2
winner: amine1milan
2nd place: rtrujillo
3rd place: politika1

Round 3
winner: alexlang
2nd place: guiyermo
3rd place: Junior100

Round 4
winner: solecra
2nd place: choumes
3rd place: SeBeKeu

Round 5 
winner: pragnya11
2nd place: kchuang
3rd place: jonathan.bre

Round 6
winner: MSmolinski
2nd place: Hinspuppy
3rd place: xavieoo

Round 7
winner: Zay4atinka
2nd place: RSN1869
3rd place: FutboleyBCN

In accordance with the rules, FIFA conducted tie-breaking draws for any fantasy managers that finished level on points on the overall or round leaderboards.