From 12 June to 13 July, football fans experienced one of the greatest FIFA World Cups of all time. During the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™, gave Club members the chance to claim a piece of the incredible tournament with the Kick Off Ball Contest. Every matchday in Brazil, we published a quiz for each match. All Club members that guessed all three quiz questions correctly, were placed into the prize draw for the respective match.

What is a kick-off ball?
Unlike the match balls used for each game at the 2014 FIFA World Cup - of which there are several for each match - the kick-off ball is exclusive and one-of-a-kind! The kick-off ball is placed on the centre spot by the referee, and when the whistle blows to start the match, it is the first ball touched by a player on the pitch.

The winners
We are delighted to announce the winners of the kick-off balls for the 2014 FIFA World Cup! Congratulations to each and all! You are the proud owners of one of a priceless piece of World Cup history!

Brazil-Croatia*: Remydoyen
Mexico-Cameroon: AFVEGA1128
Spain-Netherlands: RRlucas
Chile-Australia: wimpy63
Colombia-Greece: BeniBen2
Uruguay-Costa Rica: Carlos.Jr
England-Italy: maffia_cocal
Côte d'Ivoire-Japan: Jagdish7
Switzerland-Ecuador: Eric_noeL
France-Honduras: EvanStock
Argentina-Bosnia-Herzegovina: ivanchush
Germany-Portugal: juanortiz103
Iran-Nigeria: CormoranS
Ghana-USA: jackblack14
Belgium-Algeria: nico210499
Brazil-Mexico: alexgrazo
Russia-Korea Republic: eloimusk
Australia-Netherlands: F.Dauber
Spain-Chile: mangercho
Cameroon-Croatia: peyman0917
Colombia-Côte d'Ivoire: ALEXANDER108
Uruguay-England: AzzA286c
Japan-Greece: Snuppys11
Italy-Costa Rica: rippoliti
Switzerland-France: gabardo14
Honduras-Ecuador: cimluj
Argentina-Iran: pepelake
Germany-Ghana: Anton_F
Nigeria - Bosnia-Herzegovina: JFun598
Belgium-Russia: 48th_prez
Korea Republic-Algeria: DuPageUSA
USA-Portugal: Misteresuper
Netherlands-Chile: maf73br
Australia-Spain: chdmunoza
Cameroon-Brazil: Gabrieluisof
Croatia-Mexico: alivur
Italy-Uruguay: kalanguinh0
Costa Rica-England: Tanelhal
Japan-Colombia: SubcultureV
Greece- Côte d'Ivoire: luruisu85
Nigeria-Argentina: rktate
Bosnia-Herzegovina - Iran: paketes
Honduras-Switzerland: MatheusVozao
Ecuador-France: poneis1086
Portugal-Ghana: Vineet14279
USA-Germany: Wato23
Korea Republic-Belgium: Affy13
Algeria-Russia: fnamimatsu

Brazil-Chile: cristvas19
Colombia-Uruguay: bochinnewell
Netherlands-Mexico: Grossmunster
Costa Rica - Greece: samn4u
France-Nigeria: cwithrl
Germany-Algeria: Dhsailor
Argentina-Switzerland: pipebras88
Belgium-USA: Febrero14

Brazil-Colombia: lioogle
France-Germany: Stefaanbt
Netherlands-Costa Rica: Cnel.Salomón
Argentina-Belgium: NilsPa

Brazil-Germany: maocope
Netherlands-Argentina: Atomblast

Brazil-Netherlands: Prof.Alberto

* The Kick-off Ball from the Opening Match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup was excluded from this contest. Instead, the quiz winner of this match will receive an actual match ball from the opening match.
The Kick-off Ball and match balls of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final (Match 64) were excluded from this contest.