Group A

(Come on !)

(We gave the first step in the pursuit of our goal. We are now focusing in the victory against Netherlands)

Group B

(Hello everyone! There are few things that I can say right now… It was a major dissapointment to come back so soon. I apologise but we’ll work so hard to return. A hug to everyone) (We knew that it will not be easy. We did our best in the match. Proud to feel the energy of the Chileans in the stadium)

Group C

(We want to give all for Colombia. Every single day, step by step)
(Of course disappointed for the ivorian people who supported us in this world cup. You can be proud of your players)

Group D

(It’s not a surprise when you work so hard to get it, as we always say)
(Come on Uruguay! Impressive to see all those people  Supporting outside the hotel)

Group E

(We'll never say enough. Thank you for being here to support us) (So sorry Ecuador. We did everything, I really mean it)

Group F

(We are qualified. Thanks to everyone for making us feel as home team. Proud to be argentinian. We’ll keep going to work)

Group G

(Thanks for your support! We will fight until the end and give our best)

Group H

(Happy birthday to Fabio Capello and Alan Dzagoev !) (Big match with the round of 16 at the end. Reunion Germany-Algeria after 82. Support us to make history) (9 on 9 ! Historical moment with the players, the staff and the fans. Thanks to everyone!)