Roy Hodgson wants a drinks break introduced during England's final FIFA World Cup warm-up match against Honduras today. Humidity levels hit 60 per cent and temperatures reached 30C when England trained in Miami.

Although showers are forecast for the friendly, similar temperature and humidity levels are also expected. FIFA will allow drinks breaks in the World Cup if temperatures go beyond 32C and Hodgson would like to see the same happen in Miami.

"It would be good to stop if the referee and the people who organise the game here allow us to do it," the England coach said. "There was no actual drinks break last time."

England have done everything they can to prepare themselves for the sticky conditions that await them in the Amazonian city of Manaus where they play Italy in their World Cup opener.

England wore extra layers during their training sessions in Portugal and Burton-up-Trent, where the squad also worked out on exercise bikes in saunas. Some players even wore an extra layer under their England jerseys during the 2-2 draw against Ecuador on Wednesday.

After such a long season, an intensive week-long stint in Miami must be hard for the squad, but Hodgson insists he would not have preferred to stay in Europe, as Italy have done. He added: "If we'd come out later and didn't do well against Italy, you'd say we should have come out earlier.

"We think we've been doing the right preparation. Perugia (where Italy are training) would be pretty warm, if not like Miami."