FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter has spoken of his excitement ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ as the countdown reaches 100 days until the tournament's Opening Match between the hosts and Croatia.

"It will be, in 100 days, an exceptionally good start for an exceptional competition," President Blatter told "FIFA’s World Cup in Brazil, the country of football. They will receive this competition with open arms and full of heart. 

President Blatter spoke of the verve and passion which the Brazilian footballing style has brought to the world of football.

"I have to say that the country where football, the skill of football, has been inaugurated is Brazil," he said. "The Brazilian spirit of the game and the Brazilian ability to play football makes this World Cup very, very special."

The history of the Maracanazo was not lost on President Blatter as he spoke of the Brazilian public's anticipation of the second World Cup to be held in their country.

"The last World Cup in Brazil was organised in 1950 and Brazil lost the final in the Maracana against Uruguay now, everybody is expecting, in Brazil, that Brazil will bring home this World Cup, and that’s why there is such a big expectation. I’m sure it will be a great, great success."