Holger Osieck, Australia coach
We shouldn't underestimate the teams in our group as all teams that have qualified to reach this stage deserve respect. The Saudis look pretty strong at the moment, but you never know where you stand with Oman, and even Thailand will be hard. Our target is simply to reach Brazil, and you have to take every step seriously.

Khaled Al Maajal, Saudi Arabia team manager
Our group is a hard one, so we must get ready for the qualifiers. You have to win against all your opponents if you are to qualify for the World Cup. Asian teams have developed quickly over the recent years so there will be no easy games for any of the 20 teams in the five groups. We have been handed particularly hard assignments as both Australia and Oman are strong teams.

Anucha Nakasai, Thailand team manager
The Australian players are tall and physically strong but they are a bit slow. We can count on our pace and short-passing game to upset them. Saudi Arabia have lost a series of their best players, so we can take them on without any problem. If we can obtain full points against Oman, we should have a good chance to advance.

Ali Al Habsi, Oman goalkeeper
This is a very tough group, but we are ready for the challenge. Good luck to all the Arab and Gulf teams.