Domingo Hernandez, Dominican Republic coach
We are fully aware of what a difficult group this is. However, I am an honest coach and I will always want to win and that is the mentality that I will drum into my players’ heads. We always go out aiming to win a football match. Our motivation is a ticket to the next round. We will make it ours.

Ruben Israel, El Salvador coach
This new generation of players has shown an impeccable level of composure. It is a group of players that plays with joy, with perfect calmness and a true professionalism. We know a good amount about the other teams in our group and how they will line up against us. We will learn more as our games approach, but we are starting out with a good sense of what to expect.

Kenneth Jaliens, Suriname coach
We have a good team at the moment. We have shown a great deal already. Why can't we go on from here?

Domingo Hernandez, Dominican Republic coach
Historically, this is a very difficult competition. El Salvador will be the favourites as they are a country that has produced great results in the past. But it is a great motivator for us to be taking on such a power in the Central American region, without belittling the other teams in the group. There can be any of number of surprises in this competition and we’re hoping to cause a few.