Ricki Herbert, New Zealand coach
It was always going to an interesting draw for the [intercontinental] play-offs, and Oceania has now got a different region (as an opponent) than we’ve had in the past. It’ll be a challenge, but one New Zealand will relish if we get to that stage. Hopefully the dice fall in our favour through qualifying and if you look historically then we’re in with a chance. But we’ve got to get through to that stage first, and we’ll make sure we do things right. The extra round will have its challenges from a time component, but we’ve been good at working through that in the past. But we’ve got clarity now. We know what we need to do, who we’re playing and we can start preparing.

Jacob Moli, Solomon Islands coach
The bottom line is we have to make our own luck in this group, nothing will given for free and since it is the pool of death, every game is a must win. Meeting New Zealand will be very exciting as it will give Solomon Islands a good measurement of our standard compared to a World Cup team. Of course, we have to go the extra mile to ensure that we are of sufficient quality to win against them, but I am fully confident that that we can achieve that. I think the success of New Zealand in the World Cup has also inspired all of the island countries. The quality that they will bring will be something we can really benefit from. Having them in the same group is an honour but when the whistle blows all respect will be out the door. The current format is really interesting because New Zealand will have to play in the same playground as the island countries.

Anil Sharma, Fiji team director
The long path to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil has been laid. It will not be an easy task to top the Oceania region, and then face off against the fourth-best side from CONCACAF for a place at the FIFA World Cup, but we will be out there ready for the challenge. Like any other side we are not preparing ourselves to lose. This could be tagged as the pool of death but we are not going to sit back and let a chance of being the first national side of Fiji to qualify for a FIFA event go by easily. We will fight till the end and perform to best of our abilities for a positive outcome. Our immediate aim will be to qualify for the third stage of the Oceania play-offs.