Enrique Llena, Nicaragua coach
It's a balanced group. I don't see a team that is obviously difficult or evidently easy; we must work and play very well. I can't say that the Bahamas will be easy, either, since they scored ten goals in two games in the first round of preliminary play-offs.

Julio Dely Valdes, Panama coach

Panama has to prove that we are good and can move seamlessly (into the second round), but we have to be able to prove it on the field. I think any opponent we play we try to be protagonists and these are the ones who have been matched with us and we have to be first, we can't be anything else. Panama should demonstrate that it is growing and that we are good. I think all the opponents must be respected. In my opinion, in previous qualifying, Panama was far superior to El Salvador and went out. Nothing is known about Dominica and Bahamas and we must begin to mobilize to get videos of these two teams, while in Nicaragua I can say we know because it is a much closer rivalry in which we have played several times.