Press release from the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Local Organising Committee:

"On Friday, the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF) President, Ricardo Teixeira, met with the Governor of the state of Sao Paulo, Alberto Goldman; the Mayor of Sao Paulo, Gilberto Kassab; and the Coordinator of the Sao Paulo Organising Committee for Brazil 2014, Francisco Vidal Luna, who also serves as Secretary of State for the Economy and Planning.

During the meeting, the CBF President was asked about the possibility of holding the Opening Match of Brazil 2014 at the Morumbi Stadium, but he indicated that that possibility had been ruled out by FIFA and the Local Organising Committee.

Mr Teixeira was then informed that, despite all the efforts undertaken, it has not been possible to begin construction work on a stadium for the 2014 FIFA World Cup within the grounds of the exhibition centre due to be built in Pirituba.

The CBF President asked the Governor and Mayor if it would be possible to hold the Opening Match in the stadium soon to be built by Corinthians in Itaquera. Messrs Goldman and Kassab explained that they are ready to do whatever it takes for Sao Paulo to host the Opening Match of Brazil 2014.

The Sao Paulo state government and the city’s mayor’s office reaffirmed their decision not to use public funds in the building of venues."