Ricki Herbert has turned his back on lucrative club offers from Europe, Asia and Africa to extend his contract with the Wellington Phoenix until the end of the 2012/13 A-League season.

Herbert will also continue in his role as coach of the All Whites with discussions between New Zealand Football and the Phoenix ongoing after an agreement in principle was reached between the coach and NZF chairman Frank van Hattum.

"New Zealand Football are happy to continue on with a partnership between the Phoenix and the national team and I've agreed to continue on for the next period up to the next World Cup. There is just some fine-tuning that the chairman here (Phoenix owner Terry Serepisos) and the chairman of New Zealand Football need to do," said Herbert.

"I've sat down with the chairman and had a conversation with Terry and there is an agreement to carry on with the national team. We will confirm what that length of contract will be but certainly leading towards Brazil 2014."

At the end of the day it's not all about money for me.

Ricki Herbert, New Zealand coach.

Herbert said the decision to remain in Wellington had not been an easy one but that Serepisos and the continuing opportunity to raise the profile of football in New Zealand even further had been big drawcards.

"(The success the Phoenix and the All Whites have had) wouldn't have happened without a vision and that vision has been very strong and very structured and we've realised a lot of people's dreams and we want to keep on realising people's dreams," Herbert added.

"The Kiwi kid is very strong in me. It's a delicate time for my family and the age they are and what they are doing.

"At the end of the day it's not all about money for me. Things offshore can be a little bit more attractive but I've weighed that up with where I think we can take the game."

Serepisos was delighted to keep his man. He said: "He had a lot of options but he decided to stay here and show his loyalty and I appreciate that very much."