and Panini made history in April this year with the launch of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Panini Virtual Sticker Album. Almost immediately, the community was struck with virtual sticker fever as Club members collected, swapped and searched for stickers on the Official Website of South Africa 2010.

1.5 million collectors began the virtual journey to complete a 2010 FIFA World Cup Panini Virtual Sticker Album. In the end, over half-a-million users were able to finish the album before the 16 July 2010 deadline. So, what were over 1.5 million club members so eagerly competing for? To answer: a chance to win one of only 100 limited-edition hardcover 2010 FIFA World Cup Panini albums. is finally happy to announce the 100 names that have earned a very special piece of 2010 FIFA World Cup history. The following 100 Club members will receive a limited-edition, hardcover version of the Panini sticker album which comes completed with stickers.

The 100 lucky winners are: 31guivr, achito94, agustito-09, alan_1997, AlexCecere, Alva77, anelka123, Anlima, Arcomuii, a.sartori, a_zafy, avivelo, barcodis, Barrozo1981, bethpove, biegranzotto, BrunnoVerdão
, bruno108200, Caetaa, Callaway79, Cesar.Bargo, chanfle92, chivard, danielorrico, DavidSport, _dejan_, dev12d, DoriDK, enero2009, fantasma-fc, feliperb97, Feliperibela, gahepa, Galolamounie, gb.mario, Giulia_Perua, Gold_Kenta, igorguedes, ishikawa_jr, JAIMIKO2010, Jelena-1974, jogademais, JotaPe85, jokinhajorge, jonamazzoli, jorconh, JSD1978, julito1999, krollpersi, limolol, Lucinhooo, luisbarca61, luiscar-19, Lucadog2, luisoset, ludagar, LordGossu, marcelo-por0, marcelo.rf, marioghaoui, MarkPereira, Marko126, minamil, morawk, morgannas2, migueltvilel, murilo200000, NiveaFalcao, pachecogyn, Paduzão, 
pakozman, pedrobis, Penella, philippe30,, portenhorap, rafaelkessle, RafaGremiooo, raphaelwobom, RDiigooo, ReiveMaster, renanumbelin, rickcooper, robsonkopa, rraveiro, ruyaraujo, Salvouy, seba.primo, sergioleite, SMBruxa, susanly, tavira, Telotelo, texy'27, Thorrgalvao, timaosinho02, Tiftouf, TotalGol, uday_g, xfassini.

Although the contest for a coveted limited-edition Panini album is over, the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Panini Virtual Sticker Album will remain active on for a few more months. Be sure to finish your virtual South Africa 2010 album before it disappears forever!