Midfielder Aleksandar Radosavljevic insists Slovenia are focused on Sunday's clash with Algeria and that they are not looking ahead to facing Group C's two toughest teams.

Radosavljevic believes a good performance against Algeria will set Slovenia up for their more difficult encounters with England and the United States.

"We aren't thinking about USA or England at the moment, we just think about Algeria and we are confident that we can play well and with every game get better and better as the tournament progresses," said the 31-year-old.

"We know the whole of Slovenia is behind us so we don't feel pressure. We know many people will be cheering for us in South Africa and back home. We must play well to galvanise this support, but we are confident we will do so. We don't even think or talk about who will win the World Cup. It does not enter our minds how other teams will perform. We focus entirely on ourselves to give ourselves the best chance," he said.