Japan coach Takeshi Okada showered the Netherlands with praise but believes they can be beaten when the two sides face each other in a Group E encounter on Saturday.

"Tomorrow we will be playing against a wonderful team, which is one of the favourites for the title," he said. "We are very happy to play this game.

"We realise this is a sophisticated team but we believe we have a chance to win tomorrow. We shouldn't feel small even though Holland have great name players in the team. We want to address this challenge with the overall power of this team."

Okada has reason to be upbeat as his side go into the game with a 1-0 victory over Cameroon in their FIFA World Cup™ opener. "That win has given us a big boost in confidence," he said. "The players are focusing on playing with the same determination tomorrow."

Okada has not ruled out making tactical changes to the side that beat Cameroon. "Our style of play will depend on how our rivals play against us," he said. "What matters is the result, how we play is secondary. However, aggressive, hard work on attack and defence will be constant. We will never modify that strategy."

Japan know what to expect having met Holland in a friendly last September where the Dutch were frustrated for more than an hour before eventually winning 3-0. "Last September, we had an opportunity to play against the Dutch and that was a big turning point for us," Okada added. "We hardly had opportunities before to play against world-class teams.

Aggressive, hard work on attack and defence will be constant. We will never modify that strategy.

Takeshi Okada, Japan coach

"That match led us to understand what the positives and negatives were on our team. We have been observing Holland since then and they have gained further maturity and improved as a team.

"We now have a Japanese style of playing although it doesn't mean that in terms of technique or skills, there has been an improvement. But we have been focusing on our strategy to beat the world-class teams."

Okada admitted he would be happy if his team went into the second half drawing 0-0. "That would be satisfactory but what would even be greater would be to be leading at that point," he said.