Uruguay striker Diego Forlan insists he is happy to sacrifice his own performances for the team as they bid to reach the FIFA World Cup™ knockout stage.

Forlan and strike partner Luis Suarez were largely starved of service in Friday's opening 0-0 draw against France, mainly relying on inter-play with each other to create openings.

Both forwards are among Europe's top marksmen and used to playing in attack-minded club sides, with Forlan a favourite at Atletico Madrid and Suarez captain of Ajax. With their country the tactics are based on resolute defending but Forlan insists he does not mind the lack of a creative supply line.

"It depends on the game," he said. "It's not really frustrating because each game is different, sometimes you get more chances and sometimes you don't. If I don't score I don't mind, if the team wins. It doesn't matter, this is a team. We need to get results, it doesn't matter who scores."

If I don't score I don't mind, if the team wins. It doesn't matter, this is a team.

Diego Forlan, Uruguay forward

After their point against France and the 1-1 draw between Group A rivals South Africa and Mexico, Forlan is upbeat. "It's a good start for us, it's all very equal between the four teams so we have to see what is going to happen next."

Team-mate Diego Godin, one of a three-man central defence so crucial to Oscar Tabarez's solid set-up, believes fans will see a more expansive Uruguay in their next game against South Africa.

"We did come to win against France," he told Press Association Sport. "We got a point, which isn't the end of the world because everyone now has one point after one game.

"We still have the chance to go forward and progress. That was probably the big clash between the two favourite teams to go through. Now we can start thinking about the next game. We defended well but the attacking was less effective. We'll have to attack more in the next game."