When Mozambique stunned Nigeria by holding them to a 0-0 draw during a FIFA World Cup™ qualifier in March, Dario Monteiro, the man responsible for most of the Super Eagles' problems that afternoon, left Machava Stadium a disappointed man.

Mozambique produced a sterling performance to frustrate the Super Eagles in Maputo with Monteiro credited with being the key man for the Mambas. He is now hoping that Mozambique will pick up from where they left off with a tough trip to Tunisia on the horizon.

"Not a lot of people gave us a chance against Nigeria, we were underdogs and probably, we like it that way," Monteiro told FIFA.com. "We like it when people don't really notice us, because we can always come from behind and cause an upset. But we have to think big, we have to dream big. We have to work hard to qualify for these competitions because no-one will hand it to us."

The draw against Nigeria still dominates his mind, even though he insists that his team will have to get over the euphoria of their surprise result.

"I don't want to talk a lot about that game, but I think we should have won it," he continued. "I don't want to sound controversial, its history now. We can't talk about that forever; we have to concentrate on the next game."

We can't talk about that forever; we have to concentrate on the next game. 

Mozambique's Dario Monteiro on moving on.

The Mozambique coach, Netherlands-born Mart Nooij, has been quietly rebuilding this side into a formidable outfit, even though not much is known about them outside southern African footballing circles.

Should what is regarded as the ‘unthinkable' happen and Mozambique qualify for the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, it will leave many people scratching their heads, but highlight the extent of work and effort that has been put by Nooij into the team.

For the Mambas, the main goal is to qualify for the CAF African Cup of Nation in Angola next year and while some might feel that even this is a tall order, the result against Nigeria has injected life back in the side and infused a belief that they fulfil their targets.

Monteiro acknowledges that the road to qualifying for either Angola or South Africa 2010 will present Mozambique with difficult obstacles.

"We have been paired with good teams," he said. "Nigeria is one of the top countries in Africa, Tunisia are the former African champions, Kenya has also improved. At this stage, all the opponents are tough."