In the shadow of the Green Point stadium construction site, the Premier of the Western Cape, Ebrahim Rasool, and the Mayor of Cape Town, Helen Zille, showed FIFA President their welcoming symbol to the world. Indeed, Joseph S. Blatter, was immensely pleased by the "very attractive logo". Smiling, he added that this was "a commitment of the city of Cape Town to officially be registered as a host city".

The Host City emblem is a composite of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ emblem on the right and a logo designed by Cape Town on the left. The Cape Town logo is a sun rising over Table Mountain. There is also an ocean element, as the city is surrounded by oceans on either side of the Cape Peninsula.

The city has been under intense media scrutiny, especially around the construction of Green Point stadium, and leading critics to question the city's commitment to hosting the FIFA World Cup.

Rasool was quick to dispel any criticism. He was clear that the Western Cape was hard at work in preparation for the nine matches, including a semi-final, for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and that these preparations were visible across the Cape Town area. He added that he believed that the city
would be more than ready to welcome the world in 2010.

Mayor Zille was also optimistic, saying that despite the building hiccup, everything was "on schedule on the construction site".

She also believes that Cape Town being a host city will be "a pivotal moment that allows the city of Cape Town to leapfrog several years forward in economic growth and development."

Cape Town is the second city to unveil its 2010 FIFA World Cup logo and the city also has an event-orientated website.