2010 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee South Africa Board Member (OC) and owner of the Kaizer Chiefs Football Club, Kaizer Motaung, was very pleased with the outcome of the draw.

"Well first of all it was great to be part of this auspicious occasion and obviously it is quite exciting to be part of an event of this magnitude. It is also gratifying to see that this dream is becoming a reality and that we are getting closer and ready to hosting this huge world event. And it bodes well for Africa because it is the first of its kind and I am sure its going to leave a long lasting legacy for us. I think the real work starts now and for the next two years there is obviously a lot of work to be done to make sure we are able to deliver a very good final product," said Motaung, who was one of the Preliminary Draw assistants.

The General-Secretary of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), Zwelinzima Vavi, who is also an OC Board Member, expressed his views about the significance of the preliminary draw event and said that despite their right to strike, construction workers at World Cup stadiums are 100% behind the 2010 FIFA World Cup™.

"Remember there has been a lot of doubt over our ability. This (the draw) was an important opportunity for us to say that the executive of FIFA in 2004 was right (to award South Africa the tournament), that this is Africa's time and we are ready. And I think it was very important that we make that statement and I think we made it very well".

As the labour representative of the OC Board, Vavi confidently spoke about the importance of the workforce in the context of football.

"Workers are basically the number one supporters of football. Football is a working class sport and despite the fact that workers may go on strike to demand a better cut of the cake, they can never ever have any intention to sabotage our ability to host a successful World Cup in 2010. Because soccer is workers and workers are soccer. And this is their life, this is their sport and this is their emotions. I am very happy that those workers who now have their issues resolved welcomed the president of FIFA (during a stadium inspection of Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban) in such an enthusiastic fashion. It was a great statement by those workers indeed, just like it is a great statement by all the workers who work overtime, work long hours and work very hard to make sure that all the stadiums are ready in time. They know that the that whole African continent have their hopes and aspirations on the shoulders of those who have been given that responsibility to build that infrastructure that will put us up on the map of the world".

"So congratulations to those workers and we know that they will do the country very proud. Their commitment to a successful 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa cannot be doubted. They are only workers and they will always raise issues about their wages and working conditions but that can't be understood to be a deliberate attempt to undermine our effort to hold a successful World Cup in 2010. And I am happy that they demonstrated that to the president of FIFA and they are demonstrating that every day too by working extra hours to make sure that we are ready on time," said Vavi.

Moeketsi Mosola, the Chief Eexecutive Officer of South African Tourism, was extremely excited about significance of the success of the Preliminary Draw and the confidence it gave the international community.

"I think if there was any doubt the world saw tonight what South Africa is capable of. This is the first of the four big events that will take place over the next two and a half years and there is definitely no doubt that at the heart of what we are doing is our people. And really we are very proud of what the South African Local Organising Committee has put together and as a South African I can tell you definitely that I feel very proud of what happened here tonight."

"We have always known that we can actually do this in 2010. People will leave this country knowing exactly that World Cup 2010 is in safe hands, is in good hands and basically people need to start booking their holidays come 2010," said Mosola.

"People have felt the humanity of our people in the last few days and I know some people will be staying for a few more days. That's why I keep saying that people must start booking their next big holiday in 2010, because you are going to be having a great time on this beautiful continent. We were hosting at least 20 very key journalists and editors from around the world, half of which don't want to go home tomorrow, they want to stay. Suffice to say their perceptions have been changed by what we have here. They been very surprised by the level of commitment from our government and our people. I am very excited and I am really glad to be living in these interesting times," said Mosola in closing.

Ghanaian football legend, Abédi Pelé, was equally delighted by the success of the Preliminary Draw.

"Well I think its unbelievable that today all those who didn't have the confidence in us are all very happy. That's why the say this is the power of football, football brings people together. We have proved to the world that we cannot only play the game, but we can host it as well," said Pele.