Robert Nouzaret, Guinea (coach):
"I'm rather confident as I think that this is a group that we can qualify from. I don't want to come across as presumptuous but if we play to the best of our abilities, qualifying shouldn't pose too many problems. We'll find out more about Namibia quite soon as we'll be facing them in the CAN 2008."

Wellington Nyatanga, Zimbabwe (Association President):
"The draw was fair and I have to admit that we're pleased with the outcome. With Guinea, Namibia and Kenya in our group, we're sure to see a very even competition in which every team has a chance of qualifying. As far as we are concerned, we'll do everything in our power to qualify for both the World Cup and the Africa Cup of Nations. South Africa 2010 would be a dream for us, but to make it happen we will need to work hard, respect our opponents and give everything we've got to win. We can beat any other African team."

John Muanjo, Namibia (President):
"We didn't qualify for the last Africa Cup of Nations so, as is the case in all these competitions, we won't be starting as favourites here. Therefore, in our group, the pressure will be on the so-called bigger teams. We'll be out to spring a surprise and we have the confidence to do just that."