2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™

11 June - 11 July

2010 FIFA World Cup™

Who will be No1 in Group 1?

When the four names heading to Asia's qualifying Group 1 were pulled from the bowls at the Preliminary Draw in Durban in November an unmistakable gasp travelled through the crowd.

AFC new boys Australia were in the seeded position and the delegates on hand from Down Under could only watch with jaws opened as Asian champions Iraq, 2002 FIFA World Cup™ finalists China PR and perennial problem side Qatar all fell in line behind them like something out of a bad dream.

The group became one of the major global talking points as journalists filed their reports from Durban late into the night on 25 November, and the Asian football scene was abuzz with mock-up analyses and chatter of mouth-watering contests to come.

In the latest installment of FIFA.com's Have Your Say series, we ask users to give their thoughts on who they think will top this titanic group, and who will tumble out at the first hurdle.

Will war-torn Iraq continue to inspire the watching world with their improbable heroics or will Oceania runaways Australia and their gang of Europe-based stars run away with it? Will China finally prove they are true giants on the Asian scene or will Qatar bring their national team's reputation in line with that of their ultra-competitive domestic league?

Whatever your choice, share your views with FIFA.com and countless fellow fans from all corners of the globe. Click 'Add Your Comment' below to enter the debate.

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