2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™

11 June - 11 July

2010 FIFA World Cup™

Kick-Off Quiz closes in on one million

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The Kick-Off Quiz is a big hit with the FIFA.com community and 32 Club members have already answered their way to an official adidas Jabulani kick-off ball* from the 2010 FIFA World Cup™.

As our quiz approaches the one-million entries mark it’s time to announce our third set of kick-off ball winners. Below is a list of the winners of kick-off balls from matches 33 through 48.

Club members, it’s time to step up your game if you plan to claim a Jabulani kick-off ball! There are only 15 kick-off balls and one match ball* left. Simply login to FIFA.com during any South Africa 2010 match and take the five-question quiz. Visit the ‘Kick-Off Ball Quiz’ link on the right of this article to play.

**Match** **Winner**
Mexico-Uruguay *Keeper73*
France-South Africa *csfranca*
Nigeria-Korea Republic *compaqer*
Greece-Argentina *Wibeck*
Slovenia-England *faustolg*
USA-Algeria *logan619*
Ghana-Germany *Katanaka*
Australia-Serbia *IMORGANS*
Slovakia-Italy *Junebugg*
Paraguay-New Zealand *chemo23*
Denmark-Japan *vlatkam*
Cameroon-Netherlands *goldaa*
Portugal-Brazil *Lionaldo*
Korea DPR-Côte d'Ivoire *1000ouz*
Chile-Spain *delangel88*
Switzerland-Honduras *j-o-r-g-e*

*The kick-off balls for the Opening Match and the Final are not included. Winners for these two quizzes will receive a Jabulani match ball that was used during these aforementioned matches.