2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™

12 June - 13 July

2014 FIFA World Cup™

Deschamps answers your questions


Many of you pounced on the chance to put France coach Didier Deschamps on the spot after the French Football Federation and FIFA both invited questions via social media, using the hashtag #AskDeschamps.

Currently hard at work in Clairefontaine as he continues with France's preparations for Brazil 2014, the former international midfielder was in excellent spirits as he fielded queries from around the world:

@RossBaskind: What is the best part of being the manager of France?

Football is my passion. I can't play any more, so… When I decided to become a club coach, there was a chance that I'd one day become national coach, as there is for any coach. My past as a player is strongly linked to the red, white and blue France shirt. For me, it's a source of pride and a privilege to hold this post today. And what makes it enjoyable is being out on the pitch with the players for training sessions. There are also more intimate moments with discussions and player interviews, because building relationships is very important.

*@liam_Wil13: What are you feeling with just a few weeks to go before your first World Cup as a coach?  *Pleasure, excitement, adrenaline... It's still a long way off but it's approaching very fast. Right now is a very enjoyable period because everyone is ready to work hard and prepare well. Later, during the competition, there will be those who play less than others, and maybe not at all, so that's less pleasurable for everyone. But we're already keen to be in Brazil. To experience all this as a coach is nothing compared to what I went through before, though. The greatest job in the world is being a player, by a long way (laughs).

@PoojaMcFlyLFC: If you could bring any former football player to play for your side, who would it be and why?Nobody, because you have to live in your own time. I chose the players who are here, so I have faith in them. There are players who went before and others who will come along afterwards. I'm very happy with the players who are here now and will represent France.

@FDudz: How heavy Is the cup?It's pretty heavy! You wouldn't think so, but it is. Still, that wasn't a problem because I was lifting weights at the time (laughs). Aside from the weight, it's above all a question of what it represents and what it symbolises when you're a top-level player. You can't win anything more special than a World Cup. When I was younger, I saw it on TV, and in '98 I got to hold it in my own hands. There's nothing better and greater than that. On top of that, it was France against Brazil, in France. I lifted the cup because I was captain, and it was a very special moment. I was the first and I'll always be the first, but I hope I'm not the last.

*@Cabrera0499: Given Franck Ribery's loss of form in the second half of the season, can you see him having a successful World Cup? *He's in good shape and very motivated. As with every player, those with a very high profile can have periods when they're in less good form. Franck had a bit of a tricky end to the season, as did Bayern Munich overall. It's true that missing out on the Ballon d'Or was a big disappointment for him, but I'm not worried about his attitude or his desire to take this squad to a higher level.

@clemasm92: How do you intend to approach the group games against teams that will be very defensive?We already came up against that in the qualifiers. It comes down to a power struggle. If our opponents defend, that means we'll have the ball. It's one of the situations we're preparing for. You can always make predictions beforehand, but you never know how things will turn out. Even teams that start out defensively can cause problems. There are a lot of things you can practise to unsettle teams that defend deep.

*yannH2S @yannH2S: Do you have players in your squad whose personality resembles your own on and/or off the pitch? *I certainly don't look for that. I have players who have personality, character. I picked them, so I know them. The human side of things is the most important in terms of taking a squad forward, and naturally there are leaders as there are in any squad. But I'm not searching for a player who's a clone of me because I think I'd get on badly with him (laughs).

@Alexis_Bruzac: Which member of the France team is the best at table football?I think Paul Pogba is very good. Antoine Griezmann as well, but they don't all play table football. I watch from time to time, but I don't play very much as I don't have a lot of free time. When I was a player, I played a lot, but I must have lost my touch since then (laughs).

@JuventusNation: Is Paul Pogba human?Yes, he's a human being, but nature has certainly leant a helping hand (laughs). No, no, he's very human. Actually, he's very sensitive, believe it or not. But it has to be said that he has a lot – a lot – of qualities.

@youl67: How come all the players have started to sing* La Marseillaise* all of a sudden?Really? I hadn't noticed. Did they all sing it on Tuesday? In that case, I'll use the same players in our next game (laughs). For me, this isn't a real debate. The important thing is to go into the event with your own convictions. When we play against other teams, I watch them too and see that there are plenty of players who don't sing. Your own attitude and what you allow to show through via the television cameras are two different things. You're preparing for the game and it's a moment of focus – and if there are players who want to sing, they can sing. That's not what I keep an eye out for. In any case, there are too many journalists and photographers, so I can't even see. I'm not tall enough; I'd have to climb on the bench to see (laughs).

*@Claudel_Kevin: Will [Raphael] Varane and [Karim] Benzema winning the Champions League serve as a plus for the France team?  *For them, yes, without doubt, because they're European champions. Life would have carried on if they'd lost, but they came to Clairefontaine with a smile on their faces. That helps foster a certain dynamic. Laughter is infectious, tears are infectious and so too is winning.

*@Lhomme_En_Noir: Why is it difficult to be relaxed in press conferences?  *On the contrary, I'm pretty relaxed. That said, I'm focused and I'm not there to act the clown, even if I do end up laughing from time to time. I'm very aware that I'm not speaking to a camera but to the people watching their televisions or listening on the radio. I'm preparing for a game, but I'm not stressed. Then it's a question of getting some questions which are more, or less, interesting than others. When I don't want to answer, I answer without answering (laughs).

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