2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™

12 June - 13 July

2014 FIFA World Cup™

Various stages of volunteer selection process now known

To take part in the selection process for the FIFA World Cup Volunteer Programme, candidates must first register on the FIFA.com website between Monday 9 September and 10 October. Those that previously signed up in 2012 do not need to repeat the process. From registering to becoming a fully-fledged volunteer, candidates will have to go through various selection stages.

It is important to note that communication between the volunteers department of the FIFA World Cup Local Organising Committee and candidates will be carried out by e-mail throughout the process. It is therefore essential that candidates possess an up-to-date e-mail account.

Below are the seven stages of the selection process:

Stage 1 – Group exerciseCandidates must arrange to take part in a group exercise, on the days and at the times made available to them on the Volunteer Portal page: https://ems.fifa.com/Volunteer/Brazil/Login/. At this stage, applicants’ individual behaviour, attitudes and abilities will be assessed. 

Candidates who reside in Brazilian states with no host city or other countrieswill be interviewed via Skype, and will not be required to participate in the group exercise.

Candidates will either advance or be eliminated from the process at this stage.

Stage 2 – General Internet-based trainingAll candidates who pass the group exercise will subsequently undergo training via the Internet. After being given access to general information related to the FIFA World Cup and other subjects, they will be expected to sit a compulsory exam.

At this point in proceedings, candidates will be given a mandatory English test, designed to determine their proficiency in a language that is necessary in certain areas. There will also be an optional Spanish assessment.

Candidates will either advance or be eliminated from the process at this stage. Therefore, all candidates – be they foreign or not – that emerged from the group exercise must participate.

Stage 3 – Placing of candidatesThis is a stage that will be dealt with internally by the volunteers department, which will analyse the information provided (profile, availability, desired area, general training results, language test scores) and place candidates in a particular area and role.

At the beginning of this stage, candidates will be asked to indicate, on a form in the Volunteer Portal, how much time they will be available to work at the FIFA World Cup. The provision of this information is compulsory. Great care must be taken when entering this information, as the tasks assigned to volunteers will hinge on it. If the form is not filled out, it will be assumed that candidates are no longer interested in participating in the tournament.

Applicants will be able to work in general areas with no set requirements, or in specialised domains, for which they must possess specific abilities and qualities.

Those selected will receive job offers in areas that best match their profiles, and will be provided with a work schedule for the duration of the competition.

Stage 4 – Individual interviews and interviews in EnglishCandidates assigned to specific areas will be asked to attend an interview in conversational English, as well as an individual interview. Any candidates who do not appear for these interviews will be eliminated from the selection process.

Candidates will either advance or be eliminated from the process at this stage.

Stage 5 – Tailored trainingAfter accepting the role offered to them, candidates will receive specific training via the Internet about the area in which they are due to work. This will be their first taste of the job that awaits them.

Stage 6 – Fun DaySuccessful candidates will be invited to spend a day with the volunteers department touring the stadium in the host city in which they will be based. The Fun Day is a wonderful opportunity for new volunteers to meet and socialise with colleagues, become acquainted with their place of work, and receive general information on the tasks that lie ahead.

*Stage 7 – Attendance at specific training *At the seventh and final stage, volunteers must attend a training session at their place of work during which they will receive specific instructions regarding their area of activity. It is at this point that they will meet their manager and the rest of their team, and that they will be able to ask any questions they may have as regards their role, or make changes to their schedule, if necessary.