2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™

11 June - 11 July

2010 FIFA World Cup™

2010 FIFA World Cup™ Ticket Fund

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The initiative

The Ticket Fund is an official initiative of the FIFA World Cup™ through which 120,000 complimentary category four tickets will be allocated to residents of South Africa by FIFA and the Local Organising Committee, with the support of the FIFA Partners.

66,000 tickets will be distributed through the FIFA Partners’ initiatives, with a further two tickets going to each of the 27,000 construction workers (54,000 in total).

The programme is aimed at making 2010 FIFA World Cup matches more accessible to those who do not ordinarily have the means to purchase tickets. Tickets will not simply be given as hand-outs but be a reward or incentive for those participating in or contributing to social and human development activities.

All of the programmes are focused on one or more of four core areas – health, education and theenvironment, with the final area of infrastructure represented by the involvement of the stadium construction workers.

Three key values represent the objectives of the Ticket Fund reflecting the sentiment of the Official Slogan of the first FIFA World Cup on African soil - “KE NAKO. Celebrate Africa’s Humanity”

  • Ubuntu – tapping into the emotions and passion of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the Ticket Fund aims to bring people together in a spirit of humanity and community.
  • Possibility – the Ticket Fund is about creating opportunities and supporting those who otherwise could not afford to purchase a 2010 FIFA World Cup ticket.
  • Diversity – the Ticket Fund initiative will celebrate the vibrant diversity of cultures and peoples across South Africa.

From my own personal experience I can say that football helped me keep away from trouble and taught me a lot of things like passion, teamwork and patience. If the Ticket Fund gives the South African people the unique opportunity to see a football game with the best players in the world live in the stadium and learn at the same time something about the environment or finance then football has left its imprint in South Africa for a long time.**

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