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53Participating Teams
5/5Qualified to Russia 2018
45Participating Teams
5/4.5Qualified to Russia 2018
54Participating Teams
14/14Qualified to Russia 2018
35Participating Teams
3/3.5Qualified to Russia 2018

Qualified teams (3)

11Participating Teams
0/0.5Qualified to Russia 2018
10Participating Teams
5/4.5Qualified to Russia 2018

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  • Pitches laid at Russia 2018 stadiums

  • FIFA World Cup Trophy to make the longest-ever journey around a Host Country

  • World Cup stadiums improving day by day

  • FIFA World Cup brings renewed airport, hotels, stadium and beach to Volgograd

  • Russia 2018 stadiums to be greener and more sustainable

  • Russia savours Confederations Cup's success

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