Heart attack ends Sommeil's career

Former Manchester City defender David Sommeil was told on Friday that he would never play again after suffering a heart attack in training, his French club Valenciennes said.

"David will never play football again except on the beach or with his children," said team doctor Marc Chasselat. "To play, he will have to find a doctor who gives authorisation but no-one will want to take the risk."

Sommeil, 34, who has also played for Rennes and Bordeaux, collapsed while training in August and was in intensive care until 10 September.

Teammate Jose Saez said that Sommeil is always in the players' thoughts.

"We miss him," said Saez who added that nobody had taken over the player's spot in the dressing room. "His things, his pictures, David is always in the dressing room even when he was in hospital."