Scholes against England return

Manchester United's veteran midfielder Paul Scholes maintains he will not be making a return to the England side, four years after turning his back on the international game.

Following England's disjointed 2-2 draw with Czech Republic at Wembley, there have been calls in some quarters for the 33-year-old to consider a return to the fold. Scholes, however, says there is no chance of that, having previously turned down a plea to do so when Steve McClaren was in charge.

"When Steve McClaren was appointed he rang me and asked me to return. He also came down to training and asked if I fancied it," Scholes told the Manchester Evening News. "That meant a lot to me but I don't think I was ever that close that I would have said yes."

Asked if he would similarly turn down a request, were one to materialise, from McClaren's successor Fabio Capello, Scholes insisted: "Yes. It wasn't about thinking it was too much or I wasn't capable - it was just that when I was playing I was not enjoying it one little bit."

Since hanging up his Three Lions shirt after UEFA EURO 2004, Scholes has shrugged off a serious eye complaint to lift consecutive Premier League titles - he has won eight in all - and scored the goal against Barcelona that took United into last season's UEFA Champions League final.

He insisted he still had plenty of hunger at club level. "I am 34 in November and hope to still be playing when I am 35," he said. "Anything after that will be a bonus. As long as I still feel I am contributing to United, I will carry on."