Capello wants England to adapt

Fabio Capello has warned England's stars they must adapt to his tactical demands if they want to succeed with the national team.

Capello is trying to impose his own philosophy on the England squad and was relatively pleased with the way they responded to his instructions in the win over Switzerland earlier this month.

But the Italian believes they can be 20 per cent more effective by showing more discipline and better movement.

"English players are tactically fine, they know how to move tactically. But every coach has his own ideas and characteristics," said Capello.

"Disciplined on the pitch, with good movement as a team, and at the same time capable of stressing the qualities and abilities of each individual player.

"The England players will have to do what I ask of them. Against Switzerland what I asked over three days in terms of team movement and schemes was performed at 80 per cent.

"I had seen most of them in action before, but watching them on TV doesn't allow you to appraise them off the ball. You can only verify their tactical level from the pitch."

Capello next links up with England's players for their friendly against France late next month. He is already speak English well enough to communicate with them, but hopes to be more fluent by the time they travel to Paris, even if some of the regional accents are proving impossible for him to understand.

"It is fundamental to speak the language, particularly before kick-off and during the interval, for tactical plans and psychological support. The latter can be more important at times than the former," Capello said.

"But I'm happy with my language progress. The only difficulty, when I tour Premier League matches, is that different people in different accents talk to me, and in some instances I can hardly understand a word!"