Owen could be fit for England

Michael Owen could be fit for England's crucial UEFA EURO 2008 qualifiers, according to his Newcastle manager Sam Allardyce.

Owen had been expected to miss his country's matches against Estonia and Russia next month after having two operations on Friday and Saturday.

But the surgery in Germany has been so successful that the England striker could be back in action in the next few days.

"The second operation on the weaker side of his stomach today (Saturday) has been very successful as we know from the girl in Munich," said Allardyce.

"Only a few days in terms of recovery we're talking now and then there's the abductor (muscle) to think about with the tear.

"He is with the best in the world and that is why it's only a few days' recovery."

Allardyce believes Owen could be fit for Newcastle's Premier League match against Everton next week, which would be the perfect boost for England coach Steve McClaren.

"With what we've heard from Germany it might be a shorter recovery than we thought," Allardyce said.

"Taking that and the abductor into consideration, who knows? He may even be fit for Everton next week.

"There's a possibility, the surgeon said. There was such little damage, hardly any at all, it wasn't really a hernia, it was just a threatening of one and she has tidied that up now.

"We think the recovery will be days rather than weeks.

"We'll make the sensible decision for us and England, we have got to get both of them the injuries really cleared up and strong."