Santos to build Pele museum

The city of Santos in the Sao Paulo district of Brazil is to build a museum dedicated to the country's greatest ever player, Pele.

"Building the Pele Museum in Santos with a massive archive will add to the proud history of Sao Paulo and Brazil," said Sao Paulo state governor Jose Serra.

Pele was born on Ocotber 23, 1940 in Tres Coracoes in the state of Minas Gerais but he made his name as a player at Santos.

"Nobody is more pleased than I am with this possibility. Brazil deserves it and I am proud. I am doing everything I can to publicise it," added Pele himself.

The project is expected to cost eight million dollars.

The idea arose in a meeting between the Pele and Santos mayor Joao Paulo Tavares Pope.

Among the exhibits on display will be the shirts worn by Pele during the four FIFA World Cups in which he participated, 1958-1970, along with trophies, photos and hundreds of pieces of Santos memorabilia.