Bundesliga officials announced a deal on Tuesday to share ideas and information with Major League Soccer on such matters as player and ref development, marketing strategies and stadium designs.

The deal, sparked by the German football league, was unveiled by Bundesliga chief executive Christian Seifert and MLS commissioner Don Garber, forms a cooperative link between the Bundesliga and the growing American market.

"We initiated discussions with Major League Soccer because of the impressive progress it has made since its inception in 1996," Seifert said.

"We look forward to learning from MLS. Likewise, we are proud to contribute to the continued rise of soccer in the United States."

US clubs have signed partnership deals with European clubs, such as Colorado Rapids training this week with Arsenal in England and the Los Angeles Galaxy hosting Chelsea for a July event that will serve as a Premiership tuneup.

English star David Beckham will join the Galaxy in July after his Real Madrid contract expires, having signed a 250 million-dollar deal to help boost US interest in the sport.

Seifert, however, sounded a cautionary note in expecting Beckham to be the US messiah of football.

"One player will not change the world," Seifert said. "It's a step in the right direction. Beckham is not a guy at the end of his career. Most of all, he's a great soccer player. He will increase the value of the team."

The announcement came at a meeting of new media and broadcast and production industry leaders, dovetailing with other areas where the leagues plan on working together to help each other profit.

"This relationship marks an important step forward for MLS," Garber said.

Bundesliga and MLS workers in similar areas will communicate during the year, when their leagues play at opposite times with few overlapping months, and periodically travel to see how their counterparts work and live.

The 13-team North American league's season kicks off 7 April. The Bundesliga has 18 teams in its premier division and German clubs have set attendance records in each of the past five seasons.