Former England skipper David Beckham vowed on Thursday to lead American soccer into a golden age.

The 31-year-old, who will leave Spanish giants Real Madrid for LA Galaxy in a reported deal worth a huge 128 million pounds, believes his experience and reputation can create a new American sports revolution.

"Soccer in the United States is the biggest played sport up to a certain age and I want to take it to another level," said Beckham.

"Potentially it can go higher than anyone can believe. Soccer is huge all around the world apart from the USA and I want to make a difference with the kids."

Beckham also insisted that his switch from Spain to the Uniited States was not motivated by money.

"I don't want to go to the United States at the age of 34 and have people saying that I'm only going for the money. That's not why I'm doing it.

"I'm going to build a team which has a lot of potential, that excites me."

Beckham, who quit international football after England's FIFA World Cup quarter-final exit against Portugal last year, added that he had been happy in Spain but needed a new challenge.

"We've been here for four years," he said. "I have played for two of the biggest clubs in the world and at the highest level for 15 years.

"I have enjoyed my time here but I needed a new challenge. That challenge came up and it's the right time to do it."

Beckham added that he will be sorry to leave Spain but will have no regrets.

"It will be sad to leave because when I left Man United it was sad. I've made many friends in Spain and Madrid as well," he said.

"Regrets? No. I've never had any regrets through my life and my career and I never want to.

"I moved to Real Madrid in 2003. I've been given the chance, which I have to say thank you to (club president) Florentino Perez for giving me the chance, to actually play for this huge team.

"To play in that white shirt was an honour for four years and has been an honour for four years and to play with the players that I've played with.

"To play with Zidane for me was the biggest honour I've had in my football career and to play with the likes of Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, for me, there's no regrets there at all."

Former American international Landon Donovan, who led the Galaxy last season with 12 goals, believes Beckham will be a huge boost for the sport.

"He can still play," said Donovan. "He will have a lot of appeal here."

LA Galaxy general manager Alexi Lalas, the former American international, told the BBC of his admiration for the former England captain.

"The Los Angeles Galaxy are looked upon as the jewel of Major League Soccer," said Lalas.

"We play in the best stadium, we have had incredible success over the history of the league, we have had great individual players and great teams. There's a tradition of excellence.

"All of this leads to this race to become the first MLS super club. Signing players of Beckham's stature would be a wonderful step in the right direction not just for the Galaxy but for soccer in America."