Magath to impart winning mentality
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Schalke's new coach Felix Magath plans to push his team to the top of the table and will be counting on his winning experience to do so, he told the Austrian daily Kurier.

"I think I can give Schalke such a winning mentality that it will one day reach not just second place," Magath, who coached Wolfsburg to last season's title, said.

"I'm only interested in success. The fans want success, the sponsors want success. The players should want it too," he said. In one of its first pre-season friendlies, Schalke defeated Austrian league runner-up Rapid Vienna 2-1 on Saturday at Vienna's Hanappi stadium.

"This was the first game in pre-season that I was very, very happy with," Magath said after the game.

"The game showed we're on our way up. I saw there was something in this side. And I'm surprised how fit the team is," he added.

"Both teams played at a high tempo and always towards the goal, there were a lot of good moves. We were just a little luckier."

He insisted that Schalke would play "a good part in the Championship" next season, adding: "[The players] showed that they can and will offer good football."

Magath, 55, joined Schalke in late June after helping Wolfsburg to a first ever Bundesliga victory last season. As Bayern Munich coach, he had previously won the championship twice, in 2005 and 2006.

He also collected trophies as a player, winning the European championship with Germany in 1980 as well as several German championship titles.

"I got to know the path that leads to the top... That's my reference point," Magath said. "I don't expect anything from my players that I haven't done myself."