Pequeninos do Jockey: Did you know?

-Jose Guimaraes Junior was a professional jockey until a serious injury forced him to retire and take up an administrative position at the Sao Paulo Jockey Club. It was this institution which donated the land that enabled him get his Pequeninos do Jockey project up and running.

-The club has been in existence for 38 years: Guimaraes officially founded the intuition on 21 May 1970, having had a taste of sports management the previous year when organising indoor football matches for sons of officials at the Sao Paulo Jockey Club.

-The five age categories at the academy have all got affectionate nicknames: the under-eights is called Mamadeira (Feeding bottle); the nines to tens category is Fraldinha (Nappy); 11-12 is known as Dentinho (Baby tooth); 13-14 is Dente de leite (Milk tooth), and 15-16 is Dentão (Big tooth).

-Trophies: All told, more than 1,000 line the walls of the Pequeninos club, including 196 from international tournaments: 145 from Europe and 51 from South America.

-Since 1970, more than 180,000 children and teenagers have run out on the club's pitches.

-Famous opponents: Among the famous players to have competed against Pequeninos in Scandinavian tournaments over the years have been: Alan Shearer, Xabi Alonso, Andrea Pirlo, David Beckham, John Carew and Sheyi Adebayor.