Becks wants away from LA

David Beckham said for the first time on Wednesday that he would like to quit LA Galaxy in the United States and make a permanent move to AC Milan. The former Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder added that he might want to end his career at Milan and that playing for them would enhance his chances of another FIFA World Cup™ finals appearance with England in South Africa next year.

"I have expressed my desire now to stay in Milan and hopefully the clubs can come to some agreement," Beckham, who is on loan with the Italian giants, said. "I expected to enjoy it (in Milan), but I didn't expect to enjoy it this much and play in every game like I have," said Beckham, who has made a significant impact in Serie A.

"I have said that my intentions are to stay here. Now it is out of my hands so I have to wait and see," he added after playing for the first half of Milan's friendly against Rangers at Ibrox. "My main objective is to stay at this club and I enjoy playing here and at the highest level and it would give me more of a chance (of playing in the FIFA World Cup)," the former 33-year-old England captain said.

"I have not spoken to Galaxy, but someone has from my side and it is literally down to them to come to some sort of agreement and hopefully they will." When asked if he would like to finish his career at AC Milan Beckham replied, "Yes, possibly."