Mourinho: England is coaching paradise

Jose Mourinho hit out at Italian football once again on Wednesday, insisting that the English league is a paradise for coaches in comparison.

The Inter Milan boss has often incurred the wrath of the Italian media this season after making a series of unflattering comparisons with English football, covering everything from refereeing, fans, the football itself and honesty. As well as describing English football as a paradise, Mourinho said in Italy everyone is obsessive and that more coaches go grey there than in England.

The former Chelsea boss began by commenting on the 4-4 draw between Liverpool and Arsenal on Tuesday night before attacking Italian football. "It was fantastic for those paying for tickets in the stadium or watching it at home on TV," he said. "On the bench it's a bit different because technically not everything was perfect. In Italy, there is an obsession about points and the result. 

The coach is obliged to focus on a personal and immediate project, he can't look to the future of the club.
Mourinho on the coaching problems in Italy

"The one who plays to win the scudetto should win it, those who play for European qualification should get that, those who play to stay up should manage that," he went on. "And yet already 10 coaches out of 20 have been fired. Life isn't easy. A coach is obliged to focus on a personal and immediate project, he can't look to the future of the club."

Mourinho also weighed into the racism row engulfing Italian football after his player Mario Balotelli was racially abused during the 1-1 draw at Juventus last Saturday.

"It's an ignorant way to vent their anger against an unpleasant opponent because he scored a goal," said Mourinho. "If I can speak up for Juve, what happened on Saturday wasn't the first time. It's happened in many stadiums and also in our own."

Mourinho said he was against the sanction dealt to Juve who will have to play a match behind closed doors. He also insisted that Italy is not a racist country. "No, it's not, nor is Italian football. Something has to be done but I certainly don't like the idea of playing a match behind closed doors because half the reason to play will stay outside with the fans."