Hoeness: Champions League the priority
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Uli Hoeness will not mind if Bayern Munich do not win the Bundesliga this season, just as long as they clinch the UEFA Champions League.

Speaking a week ahead of his 60th birthday, the club's president says the finest gift he could receive in 2012 would be the Champions League, even if it meant neglecting the league for once.

"There has rarely been a year when we have been able to be so happy with things," he told Sky Sports News.

When you have the Champions League final in Munich... then you have got to try to make that your aim.
Uli Hoeness, Bayern Munich president

"I would usually say that the German title is the most important thing, but now I have got to say that, when you have the Champions League final in Munich, which is something which comes around only once in a player's career, then you have got to try to make that your aim."

Hoeness feels the ideal surroundings are in place for the German club's first European title since 2001. "It is not only about being top of the league at the halfway stage of the season and in the Champions League, but also the economic situation," he said.

"There is so much peace and quiet at the club, there are no disputes, no arguments and there are no big conflicts. We are successful, we want more success and at the same time, we have no debts."