Low criticises 'slow' Bundesliga

Germany coach Joachim Low has criticised the Bundesliga's lack of speed compared to England's Premier League as he bids to help the Germans lift the 2010 FIFA World Cup™.

Loew is concerned the lack of speed and sharpness in Germany's top flight will hinder his team's bid to capture their fourth World Cup crown in South Africa in June and July 2010. "The fact that the play is much faster in England is not ideal," Loew told German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

"Since the 2006 World Cup, we have carried out studies to compare the Bundesliga with other European leagues. There are obviously a lot of differences and conclusions, but the speed leaves something to be desired."

While Germany's top flight clubs, particularly Bayern Munich, complaining about the lack of money they receive from the sale of television rights here compared to countries like England, Italy and Spain, Low disagrees. "It is a sledgehammer argument, but I find that too easy," said Loew.

"I have a different opinion, more money does not want automatically lead to better quality. Quality that is nurtured and worked on does not always come from financial means. There are plenty of examples of clubs in Germany who spend a lot for few results."