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Sunday 26/07/2015
Liga Movistar 2015 Torn

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Liga Movistar 2015 Torn


Copa Libertadores 2015 Group 8
1 Racing Club6402157320185320172812
2 Guaraní6231121032109430213629
3 Sporting Cristal614167302124312043-17
4 Deportivo Táchira6033615302116301259-93
Liga Movistar 2015 Torn
1 Zulia FC431060220050211010610
2 Estudiantes de Merida431040220030211010410
3 Caracas FC42208221104221104068
4 Deportivo Táchira42205320202222003128
5 Mineros de Guayana42118422007220111247
6 Zamora FC42119622008320111337
7 Estudiantes de Caracas41302120200021102116
8 Deportivo La Guaira31202121101010101115
9 Trujillanos FC412145211021201124-15
10 Ureña SC412125211021201104-35
11 Deportivo Anzoátegui41125520112321013204
12 Portuguesa FC41123321012120111204
13 Carabobo FC40400020200020200004
14 Deportivo Petare411212201101210111-14
15 CD Lara411268210122201146-24
16 Aragua FC411235201112210123-24
17 Atletico Venezuela410346210144200202-23
18 Metropolitanos FC410327210111200216-53
19 Llaneros de Guanare401326201112200214-41
20 Tucanes de Amazonas301229100104201125-71


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Deportivo Petare
06/03/2015 at 01:35
Canadiano10 (Canada)
join my group idc if your canadian or not. It is called "Join Canada" good voters in it 2 are inactive we need more to join so we can kick some
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