• Date of Birth: 3 March 1978
  • Height: 162 cm
  • Shirt number: 8
  • Position: Midfielder
  • Current club: Confederação Brasileira de Futebol (BRA)
  • International Caps: 50
  • International Goals: 12


2011Dresden 10/07/2011Brazil BRA2:2 a.e.t. (1:1, 0:1) 3:5 PSOUSA USAQuarter-finals
2011Frankfurt/Main 06/07/2011Equatorial Guinea EQG0:3 (0:0)BRA BrazilFirst stage
2011Wolfsburg 03/07/2011Brazil BRA3:0 (1:0)NOR NorwayFirst stage
2011Moenchengladbach 29/06/2011Brazil BRA1:0 (0:0)AUS AustraliaFirst stage
2007Shanghai 30/09/2007Germany GER2:0 (0:0)BRA BrazilFinal
2007Hangzhou 27/09/2007USA USA0:4 (0:2)BRA BrazilSemi-finals
2007Tianjin 23/09/2007Brazil BRA3:2 (2:1)AUS AustraliaQuarter-finals
2007Hangzhou 20/09/2007Brazil BRA1:0 (0:0)DEN DenmarkFirst stage
2007Wuhan 15/09/2007Brazil BRA4:0 (1:0)CHN China PRFirst stage
2007Wuhan 12/09/2007New Zealand NZL0:5 (0:1)BRA BrazilFirst stage
2003Foxboro/Boston 01/10/2003Brazil BRA1:2 (1:1)SWE SwedenQuarter-finals
2003Washington Dc 24/09/2003Norway NOR1:4 (1:2)BRA BrazilGroup matches
2003Washington Dc 21/09/2003Brazil BRA3:0 (1:0)KOR Korea RepublicGroup matches
1999Los Angeles 10/07/1999Brazil BRA0:0 a.e.t. 5:4 PSONOR NorwayMatch for third place
1999San Francisco 04/07/1999USA USA2:0 (1:0)BRA BrazilSemi-finals
1999Washington Dc 01/07/1999Brazil BRA4:3 a.e.t. (3:3, 3:0)NGA NigeriaQuarter-finals
1999Washington Dc 27/06/1999Germany GER3:3 (1:2)BRA BrazilGroup matches
1999Chicago 24/06/1999Brazil BRA2:0 (1:0)ITA ItalyGroup matches
1999New York/New Jersey 19/06/1999Brazil BRA7:1 (5:1)MEX MexicoGroup matches
1995Karlstad 09/06/1995Brazil BRA1:6 (1:3)GER GermanyGroup matches
1995Karlstad 07/06/1995Brazil BRA1:2 (1:2)JPN JapanGroup matches
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    Matches Played4
    Minutes played377
    Goals for0
    Yellow cards0
    Red Cards0