The Organising Committee for the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 will require volunteer support in 12 different areas of responsibility. You'll find brief descriptions of these areas of responsibility and the associated tasks below.

This department plans and controls access to the stadium and adjacent areas. Apart from the spectators, groups such as local staff, media representatives, sponsors and VIP guests require access to the stadiums. Volunteers for this department work at an accreditation centre, greeting guests and checking their credentials, and issuing personalised identity documents (accreditation).

Guest Services
More than a million spectators from Germany and overseas are expected to attend matches at the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011™. Volunteers will be the first contact point for visitors and fans. You will provide information, advice and support as required.

This department is responsible for the sponsors’ and VIP areas. Volunteers will help in organisational matters, welcoming guests, and providing information.

IT & Telecommunication
Journalists from all over the world will be filing reports every day from the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011™. To provide an optimal working environment for media representatives and Organising Committee staff, we require a reliable and extensive IT and telecommunication network. Volunteers will assist in setting up and operating this network. Duties will include IT service and support.

This department is responsible for smooth-running and efficient delivery, storage and distribution operations. Volunteers will assist in coordinating and organising deliveries, setting up and dismantling temporary structures, and the punctual delivery, loading and unloading of goods.

Volunteers will support the marketing department in daily office-based tasks, by running sponsor promotions, and by monitoring and protecting partners’ exclusive advertising rights. You will also help in producing and installing branding material at the stadiums.

Media and Communications
A local Media Centre will be established at each FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 stadium, as a base for media representatives to file their reports around the world. Volunteers will be the first contact point for media representatives, passing on the latest information, helping to organise and coordinate news conferences, and assisting reporters in the press box.

This department is responsible for VIP guests from the worlds of politics, business and sport during stadium visits. Volunteers will greet guests, and escort them to the VIP area and seating,

More than a million match tickets will be available for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011. Volunteers will support the ticketing department and assist ticket holders as required.

This department is responsible for smooth and efficient transportation services for staff, FIFA guests and partners, and the Organising Committee. Volunteers will work as drivers, travel centre staff, and coordinators at airports, rail stations and hotels, welcoming and accompanying guests.

Tournament and Match Organisation
This department is responsible for all activities directly relating to the smooth operation of the match schedule. Duties will include maintaining the regulations for the tournament, individual matches and the supporting programme. Volunteers will assist the Organising Committee in all aspects of tournament and match preparation.

Volunteer Management
All activities relating to work carried out by volunteers will be co-ordinated and implemented by the volunteer management team. Tasks will include compiling duty rotas, assisting the volunteers, and organising the volunteer supporting programme.