France midfielder and Player of the Match, Camille Abily
It was a difficult, topsy-turvy match, but right now I’m just so happy. I did feel very bad about my missed penalty, but that’s all forgotten now. In the end, I thought that it was the correct result overall, because England didn’t manage to create that many chances. I’ve got no preference about whether we play Brazil or United States; the most important thing for us is that we won’t be watching their game tomorrow from back home in France.

England coach, Hope Powell
It was a tough match and we had some really tired legs out there today. We thought we had a good chance when it went to penalties, as we’d worked on that particular aspect in training. I’d like to applaud France, who never gave up and kept at us right until the end. I want to give a special mention to my captain, Faye White, who had the courage to step up and take a penalty. We showed some good stuff out there, and I’d be happy to continue coaching this team.

France coach, Bruno Bini
I think I aged ten years when they scored against us, and ten more when one of our penalties was saved. But thankfully winning the match took 22 years off me. There are two good pieces of news for us tonight: we don’t have to pack our bags, so we can stay in the same hotel, and we’ve now got two big matches ahead of us, whatever happens. I do feel for my counterpart, Hope Powell; I was in the same situation as her two years ago at EURO 2009. I know that our joy is matched by their pain. We’ve been staying in the same hotel as the English, and I’ll make sure that our players bear their disappointment in mind.