Romany Nicolae Valeriou saw a banner unfurled at a Romanian football match that read 'Gypsies Die'. He was sickened and decided to start a campaign to stop not just racism in football but also to alter perceptions about his peers that was rife in Romanian society at the time. He quickly realised that football and its values of unity were a powerful ally in his struggle. He enlisted the support of European politicians and former players to organise anti-racist awareness games and rallies. Momentum for Nicolai's projects increased until legislation was introduced that banned identified racists from football matches. However, his struggle experienced inevitable growing pains. When Steaua Bucharest was banned temporarily for breaching new anti-racist regulations, Nicolae Valeriou was blamed for the sanction and instantly became a public hate figure. He is gradually winning his battle though. Attitudes are changing and certainly racist chants have decreased. Three years ago Nicolae had an annual project budget of 500 Euros. Now with the aid of the Romanian Football Federation, 100,000 Euros has been ploughed into the cause this year alone.