Ney Franco, Brazil coach
We achieved our objective, which was to top the group. It was an even game with chances for both sides, although we went for it more. We created more chances than Panama – maybe 13 to their 5 in the first half – and deserved the win. We controlled the game, which proved that the changes we made in the first half were brave but correct. Despite winning the group, we need to make some adjustments ahead of the next phase, where one mistake can send you home. We’ll wait and see if we face Saudi Arabia or Nigeria next. They’re both very attack-minded and we’ll need to improve at the back if we’re not to struggle. Hopefully we’ll continue to improve game by game, like we’ve done up until now.

Alfredo Poyatos, Panama coach
Our plan was to try to score early and then defend, but we were up against a very intelligent opponent. I keep telling my players that games don’t last 25 minutes, but 90, and today we kept our focus only in that first part. I’m pretty disappointed with our performance – this team promised so much more. It’s the first time we’ve conceded four goals, and I honestly wasn’t expecting that. This is a lesson for us, and it’s clear being in a World Cup has weighed heavily on us.