Andreas Heraf, Austria coach
"I'm disappointed because we had a lot of chances to win this game, but we have to take this result since the match is over. On the other hand, I'm proud of my team because before the game Panama didn't think we would be able to fight for a full 90 minutes. They thought we would be tired after 60 minutes, but we had physical strength and I'm proud of what the players did. Mejia is a good goalkeeper and denied us of some good chances. We missed some easy chances, but this is normal as players usually miss chances, including players like Ronaldo and Messi. I'm disappointed with the result, but I'm not disappointed with my players." 

Alfredo Poyatos, Panama coach
"We are not happy with the draw. Even though this group is difficult, we have to fight to qualify for the next stage. In the first half, we controlled the ball most of the time and at the end of the game we had some attacking chances but we just couldn't score. Our goalkeeper was the best player in the game and did everything to deny Austria from scoring when they had several chances. We should have won the game by finishing the chances we had. There were some problems in defence, though."