El Sayed Diaa, Egypt coach
“I am very happy for what we did, especially in the second half. In the first half I was very upset with my players, because they controlled the ball but missed many chances. And I know how it goes: you create chances, you don’t score, and then you lose. I wanted them to play as they did against Brazil. I didn’t want them to relax, but it didn’t work in the first half. I've changed my mood now and am very happy. This victory puts us 90 per cent in the second round. Panama? I think they respected us too much, probably because they saw the way we played against Brazil. They were afraid and let us control the game. I’d also like to say something about the fans in Barranquilla. They have been great. I hope they follow us to Cartagena: I’ll pay!”

Alfredo Poyatos, Panama coach
“In the first half things were going well. We knew that Egypt were very strong playing on the wings and that’s why we played with some defensive players. But in the second half we tried to add more value up front and it didn’t work. We knew we could do harm with our free-kicks, but it didn’t go as I expected. The future is dark, but we are still alive in the tournament. My players know that we still have a chance to qualify and will fight until the very last minute to make it happen."